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Conveyor Chain Tsubaki
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Conveyor Chain Tsubaki has a large size conveyor chain that can deliver the products of any form. Features include: long range, direction of transportation, and a variety of environments in which it can function. It is very durable and maintain a highly efficient operation and accurate without slipping.

General Use / Heavy Duty Conveyor Chain

large size conveyor chain to bring objects of various shapes. Accommodate various lengths of conveyors, conveying methods, operating environment, etc. These are very durable, highly efficient chain allows for smooth, accurate, slip-free vehicles.


Large Size Conveyor Chain for Heavy Load

Using a unique Tsubaki structure with roller bearings in the cylinder to endurance running less (~ 1/3 are general use conveyor chain), roller allowable load is much higher, and increasing the bush - roller wear life.


Corrosion Resistant Conveyor Chain

stainless steel chain conveyor that can be used in corrosive or high temperature environments. Tsubaki also offers a line-up of special corrosion-resistant roller chains that offer increased corrosion resistance for certain parts to be used in mild corrosive environments and surfaces treated chains with improved corrosion resistance.

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