PT. Sarana Teknik 2

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PT. Sarana Teknik 2 (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

PT. SARANA TEKNIK DISTRIBUTOR TSUBAKI Means of Roller Chain Backstop Techniques

Selling from Tsubaki products as follows:

1. Tsubaki Roller Chain

2. Tsubaki Conveyor Chain

3. Toyota Sprocket

4. Tsubaki Power Cylinder

5 Tsubaki Backstop

6. Tsubaki Cam Clutch

7. Tsubaki Coupling

8. Tsubaki Table Top Chain

9. Tsubaki Cableveyor

10 Tsubaki Gear Motor

11. Tsubaki Power Lock

Tel 021-6519582 ...... Fax ... 021 65305868 --- 6400893

Email: Saranagroup@Cbn.Net.Id

We Are A Company Established Since October 1998. A Company That Will Become The Leading Distributor And Agent In Indonesia With The Quality Of Mechanical Power Transmission & Electric Motor Products.

For years, PT. Tsubaki Engineering Tools Have Been Dedicated To Solving Industrial Problems And We Are Supported By Highly Expert Engineers Through Sales And Customer Service Representatives Who Trained To Provide Technical Assistance To Our Customers, Our Company Will Always Strive To Be Friendly, Helpful, Knowledgeable And Efficient. < br>

Returned by leading Principal Iso from Abroad. We Have Maintained The Highest Level Of Knowledge About All Our Products.


Sunter Permai Office Complex Block B 11

Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Kav. K-2 Sunter Agung tel 651 9582 fax 65395868 email:


Kompleks Perkantoran Sunter Permai Blok B 11 Jl. Danau Sunter Utara Kav. K-2 Sunter Agung tel 651 9582 fax 65395868email : Jakarta Utara
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia



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